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Heart failure patients helped to regain health by Stem Cell Therapy

The International Forum on Heart Failure and Stem Cell Therapies Focus on C-Cure Technology and Launch Ceremony of Phase III Multisite Clinical Trial in China was held jointly by six organizations including Experts Committee of China Council for Medicine International Promotion, National Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine Industrial Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance, etc on August 25th in Shanghai. The reporter was informed from the forum that the C-Cure technology for the treatment of heart failure through stem cells will make the heart failure patients who are lack of effective treatment regain health and rebirth.

Junbo Ge, Academician from the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Deputy President of Tongji University, has introduced the current situation of heart failure worldwide on the forum, that is, the number of patients worldwide reaches 117 million, among which there are 29.971 million patients in China, accounting for 25.6% of the total. At present, the traditional therapy of end-stage heart failure requires heart transplantation, which not only arouses problems such as too less donors, long waiting time, strong rejection reaction, etc, but also brings huge economic burden to the family or even the society. Academician Ge also says that the scientists are still making unremitting efforts to promote the application of stem cell technology on Chinese people suitably and safely. He also hopes that more administrative departments will support this technology and he believes the future will definitely be the biomedical era.

Dr Andre Terzic from the Center for Regenerative Medicine of the US Mayo Clinic and the experts from the Cardiovascular Center of Belgian Aalst Hospital have introduced the cardiac repair revolution of stem cell technology——C-cure technology and C-CathEZ Catheter on the forum. The C-Cure technology involves aspiration of the patient’s bone marrow and isolation of the mesenchymal stem cell fraction. A unique and proprietary “cardiopoietic cocktail” of proteins is used to differentiate the patient’s mesenchymal stem cells into cardiac progenitor cells, or so called “cardiopoietic cells”. The heart specific stem cells are expanded in vitro and then implanted into the diseased and damaged area of the heart using the C-Cathez delivery device. These implanted cardiac stem cells regenerate and heal the heart that has been injured by myocardial infarction, or heart attack.

C-CathEZ is the world’s most advanced proprietary catheter used for delivery of stem cells to the heart. It is capable of accurately delivering diagnostic and therapeutic agents to the damaged myocardium through a minimally invasive procedure. C-CathEZ navigates to the left ventricle through the aortic arch, and its curved and porous needle stays anchored to the ventricular wall, moving in sync with the ventricular wall motion once it reached the myocardium. The porous needle can also be repositioned for injections of cells into different areas. C-CathEZ enables the injection and distribution of stem cells evenly into the damaged myocardium, resulting in a higher portion of retention of cells. The C-Cure technology and the catheter C-CathEZ have been nominated as finalists for two 2014 European Mediscience Awards, the “Breakthrough Award” and the “Best Technology Award”.

Medisun has established collaborations with the Mayo Clinic, a renowned medical group in the United States, and the two have co-invested in Cardio3 BioSciences, the owner of C-Cure technology and catheter C-CathEZ. At present, C-Cure has been authorized to conduct the Phase III clinical trial in the US and European Union, and the product could potentially be launched globally in 2016. Moreover, the technology of catheter C-CathEZ has obtained authentication and licensing from the EU in April, 2012.

In order to make the stem cell therapy be available to more Chinese heart failure patients, Mesisun Holdings Limited will establish 8 to 10 international multisite clinical bases in Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou to carry out the Phase III clinical trial of C-Cure technology in Mainland China. The launch ceremony of developing Phase III clinical trial by the cooperation of Cardio3 and Shanghai East Hospital has been held on the forum. Before that, Medisun Holdings Limited and Beijing Anzhen Hospital has formally launched the cooperation of Phase III clinical trial of C-Cure technology.

Zhongmin Liu, President of the East Hospital of Tongji University says, “The clinical application of stem cell is the dream of a number of clinical doctors and the experts from the stem cell field. With the gradual improvement of the isolation, culture and expansion technology of stem cells as well as the interventional methods for heart failure patients, the clinical application is promising. The East Hospital is looking for a biological cell therapy with more effectiveness and better life quality for the patients, which is able to avoid and delay the heart transplantation, that is, the application of stem cells in the heart failure treatment. Before the stem cell therapy, the heart failure patients rely on the heart transplantation ultimately. However, the time to wait for the heart donor is long, and the patient has to be hospitalized repeatedly, which costs money and makes the patient painful. With this cell technology, combining with technology of minimally invasive catheter, the result of HF treatment may be identified whenever or wherever without spending too much money. It can avoid the patients to be hospitalized repeatedly and can also reduce expenditure, which brings better life for the patients. This cell therapy brings effects that the traditional drug treatment can’t give not only for HF patients, but also for patients with diabetes, stroke, osteoarthritis, etc in the future. Therefore, the cell treatment including stem cell treatment will be the pillar industry which will be focused on to develop not only in China, but also in developed countries such as the United States, and it will certainly lead the new revolution in medical industry.

In addition, the Stem Cell Clinical Trial Management Approach will be issued in the second half of this year. We can believe that the support of relevant departments in China will certainly promote the regenerative medicine of stem cell to develop rapidly and normatively for the benefit of Chinese people.


Medisun Holdings Limited: Medisun plans to invest in stem cell regenerative technology and products worldwide, focusing on cardiovascular diseases and other serious diseases, including cancer (leukemia, malignant lymphoma, etc.), lung disease, liver disease, kidney disease, diabetes, autoimmune disease, nerve system disease, stroke and spinal cord injury. Medisun is committed to uncovering the power of regenerative technology in treating human diseases and promoting it as the mainstay of future medicine.

Mayo Clinic: Headquartered in Rochester, Minnesota, USA, Mayo Clinic marks 150 years of service to patients in 2014. As a medical group with integrated treatment and care, medical school instruction and scientific research, Mayo is highly regarded by the international medical community and has been at or near the top of the U.S News & World Report list of “Best Hospitals” for more than 20 years. For more than a century, Mayo Clinic has been a leader in the research and development of new therapies, innovation in hospital maganement and next generation telemedicine, and it is sometimes referred as the “Supreme Court” of medicine. Today, Mayo Clinic has branches in Florida and Arizona, its own medical school and dozens of clinics in the surrounding states. It employs more than 3,800 physicians and scientists ans 50,900 allied health staff, with an annual revenue of nearly US$ 10 billion.

Affiliated companies established by Medisun in Asia and China

Cardio3 BioSciences Aisa Holdings Limited will be sponsoring the Phase III clinical development and commercialization of C-Cure for ischemic heart failure and other stem cell-based regenerative products. The company plans to enter the Japanese market with an expected launch of a clinical trial in 2015, followed by introduction into markets including India, Indonesia, etc. where the population is over 20 million.

Cardio3 BioSciences (China) Co., Ltd will be sponsoring the Phase III clinical development and commercialization of C-Cure in China.

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Online buying guide for barnwood frames

You bought a beautiful piece of art and you want a quality frame for it (hit: ugly frames can ruin a good piece of art!). You need something framing, but don’t know where to start? We’ve got you. This guide will explain the process as well as help you to choose, hang and care for your frames.

While the backing is rarely a strong contributor to your frame’s aesthetics, it should always be a highly functional component (along with the cover, which we’ll get to next!). Cardboard is a strong, lightweight material that seems to inconspicuously permeate our society. Both aforementioned traits have made it highly sought after as a means of packing boxes, and other utility functions. Corrugated cardboard used to be a highly used component for frame backings, but now it’s not as desirable because of its high acidity — Over time, acids in various materials can corrode or damage art, so it’s important most of your picture frame components be acid-free. So if you intend on protecting your artwork and preserving it for years to come, cardboard is probaby an archaic and hazardous backing material choice.

It’s important to note that we make frames to fit your picture. The sizes you enter do not represent the total width and height of the frame on the wall (a.k.a. the external frame dimensions). If you need a frame made to fit an area on the wall, please state this in the comments box at checkout. Whilst we can manufacture frames up to 2.8m in length, our couriers can’t accept parcels this large. As such we’ve been forced to limit the size of frame you can order online.

Many people will use large collage photo frames like a rustic window pane arrangement to show as many as 16 photos at once. Imagine decorating a wall with a rustic barnwood window pane that holds a collection of cherished family photos. Better yet, image that this window frame set can be finished in almost any color to match your rooms decor. This is where the idea of using wall collage picture frames can be adapted to display anything from graduation photos to wedding or anniversary image collections. Imagine a 5-image frame set that features an 8×10 center frame with a 5×7 surround mounted on all four sides. That way you can bring together a collection of 5 different images, one large, 2 placed horizontally and 2 placed vertically together in your choice of finish options. Source : Collage picture frames

A simple frame with a neutral mount ensures your image is the centre of attention. This combination is often found in galleries and is popular amongst interior designers. Mounts create a gap between the artwork and the glazing which helps prevent damage from condensation or high-gloss prints sticking to the glazing. We only use acid-free mount-board which eliminates the risk of the print stains. Also, the white-core means the cut bevel-edge nearest the print remains crisp and white; lesser quality boards quickly discolour so you can see an unattractive yellowed edge.

Wood frames of oak, walnut veneer, or white or dark stained birch are perennially popular, because they’re natural and timeless. Floating frames have a cool, modern look. Each is a pane of glass backed with acrylic, so the image placed between them appears suspended. These are cleanly edged with white or black. ‘Frameless’ frames are also contemporary. Formed of a thick acrylic facing with a solid white MDF back, they’re held together with tiny corner magnets. Again, artwork seems to ‘float’ because the frame appears not to exist.

For anything that has value to you and/or comes in a non-standard size, custom picture framing is definitely the way to go, as you will have more flexibility in the options you choose. The type of art you have will also impact what kind of frame you look for — for example, if you have a digital photo, you’ll want to make sure you find a framer that can print as well as frame; If you already have a piece of precious art you’ll want to see if you can either order a frame to fit or bring/mail your art to the frame shop, or if you have a thicker item such as wrapped canvas or a jersey you’ll want to look for a deeper shadow box frame.

When coming up with ideas for wall collage picture frames you may not have the cash in your room decorating budget plan to buy brand-new wall hangings and so are required to utilize what you have. The difficulty with this kind of setup is to make a hodgepodge of images and also frames come together. Since you have your pictures selected, you’re prepared to begin prepping them. Lay your photos on the floor as well to begin arranging together. Details source : Discover more

Reviews from British companies

As a lot of people are sharing their everyday stories on the online review sites, online reputation has become a very imortant factor in knowing if a company will go bust or become a good investment. Did you know that 80% of potential clients read online reviews before visiting a business?

Gone are the days of taking time out of our busy days to venture to different stores to compare products within the same category. With online shopping, consumers can simply order anything they want with the click of a button; people no longer need to venture to different stores just to compare products to see which one best fits their needs.

BritainReviews is a site that collects reviews, opinions and complaints on all shops and web shops in the UK. Your shopping experience is in your hands so don’t rely on the sales talk of some salesman. Instead, trust thousands of opinions of customers that went before you so you can learn from their personal experience. Because let’s be honest: who do you trust more? A salesman, your friend with one informed opinion or the opinions of hundreds of customers that bought a computer, laptop, car insurance, flights or mobile phone subscription at that same company? See extra reviews at clothing websites.

Reviews can have such a huge impact—one way or another—on a company, but what drives a customer to leave a review in the first place? Customers want to look out for each other and share their experiences so that others can learn from it and make good decisions. When customers have a bad experience, they want to prevent other people from going through the same trouble. Conversely, when customers have a great experience, they often feel good about sharing it with others. This is where you have some power, too. Customers have the power to influence others, and you have the power to influence your customers by delivering value and creating an amazing experience for them. In other words, you have the power to influence those reviews by ensuring customer success.

There are many companies in the UK that offer similar products or services. It’s a maze of discounts, special offers, promises and a battle of being the cheapest. Of course, you can find out who is the cheapest via a comparison site or make a direct calculation at an energy supplier, car insurance or price fighter for a city trip or holiday far away. But is the cheapest really the best? Or are there some nasty catches hidden in the fine print that you were (barely) informed about. Did you have to pay extra for your suitcase at the check-in counter or were the charges for installation more than the energy company told you upfront? Are you stuck with a lease contract for a long time? Or do you have to stop your mobile telephone subscription a year in advance so as not to be stuck with it for another year? That’s what hands-on experts can tell you. Or rather: clients or customers that have recently made a purchase at this car rental company, telephone company or tour operator. The costs can be more than you expected. And later, the large bill will come as a complete surprise. That is why experiences, together with comparisons and product information, are so important. Read extra reviews on gearbest UK reviews.

Receiving negative reviews about your business can be a tough pill to swallow, but you must deal with them head-on. Even though it may be uncomfortable to face undesirable comments, you’ll be worse off if you ignore them. Try approaching negative reviews with an open mind and see it as a learning opportunity for you and your business. I’m not saying all negative reviews will be factual or legit, but you’ll be able to tell the real issues from the trolls pretty quickly, and can address the ones that matter most. This is also your chance to show your customers that you genuinely care about them and appreciate their business. Solving problems is part of being a small business owner, so think of this as a lot of different problems you need to solve in order to continue delivering a solid product.

After hanging on the phone with the customer service of an insurance company, you can of course pick up your phone again to throw it out of the window. We ensure you: that will relieve your tension. But since the bill is already higher than you anticipated anyway, you can also write an honest review and rate the company on the service you have been given. Maybe that won’t help your own situation, but it will prevent others from encountering the same thing. You can make sure that other people won’t fall into this trap. But of course, that goes the other way as well: Did a company really help you with good customer service? Do you think they deserve praise? Do you think this company has a right to stand out because they do care about their customers? Then you can tell everyone that this is a dating site or web shop in which others can safely put their trust. If everyone writes down their experiences, you in turn can look at other companies to see if buying there is a safe, trustworthy and sensible choice. That’s how we help each other! See extra reviews on slim radiators.

We live in a time where, due to massive false advertising with sole intent to gain bigger profits by deceiving potential customers, people have simply stopped blindly trusting businesses when they promote their own services to others. No matter how amazing your business is, self-praise will only get you so far; research shows that consumer reviews are nearly 12 times more trusted than descriptions that come from businesses.

In the case of big complaints, sometimes we mediate. Do you have problems with a certain company and there seems no way out? Write a review and maybe we can help you come to a solution. But we also like to shine a light on companies that do the right thing. Do you have a story with a very good ending? Did this company do everything you expected or even more than was necessary? Please write to us. We can make a news item and put them in a positive light.

Adventure travel places and San Blas tours

Darien Gap adventure travel tours are a trendy thing right now. Few locations include In this vast spring vegetation is lush and diverse wildlife, hence ideal for traveled by boat. Of these walks you can choose one taking you from La Aguada long or short one if you leave the tourist pier Tovara. No matter what choose, explore these wetlands while watching its natural wealth will be a great experience. The site also features a typical restaurant.

The San Blas islands and Guna Indians have been the subject of numerous National Geographic articles. Indeed your experience will be right out of the pages of National Geographic. They offer two unbeatable attractions: Caribbean islands of stunning pristine beauty and an opportunity to visit the Guna people, a living Indian culture with a fascinating culture and way of life. In 2011 Lonely Planet selected San Blas as the #3 tropical paradise in the world: “Look up ‘tropical paradise’ and there will probably be a picture of the Guna Yala archipelago. These small islands (also known as the San Blas Islands) are part of the semi-autonomous territory of the Guna people with are part of the semi-autonomous territory of the Guna people and feature palm trees, gorgeous beaches, thatched huts and timeless charm. Big business hasn’t gained a foothold because the Guna rule the roost, with a series of laws to preserve the natural environment. So no ugly hotels spoiling the view and no package tourism polluting the vibe, just plenty of uninhabited islands to explore.” Extra info on Tours en San Blas.

Isla Robeson or in English Isla Robinson Crusoe is pretty famous as you probably know the name! This island is another beautiful tropical place with white beaches and warm clear water. The place you dream about at night. Not much to do there then hang out on the beach. When you enter the Golfo de San Blas from Colombia or the Caribbean Sea you will have to go through customs first at El Porvenir. At first sight this island seems a little bit dull because there are actual buildings on it, trust us this is a rare sight on the islands! But you can stay there and enjoy the nice beach, play some football with the soldiers and other travellers and set sail for a new island the next day. This is also the only beach you can visit by plane because of the small airstrip.

The San Blas Islands are magical. With their pristine white sands and clear blue seas many people compare them to the Fiji Islands. I’ve met lots of very experienced travellers, who’ve been all around the world, who say that this multi-day adventure is one of their best travelling highlights. With 390 unique Islands you could visit an island each day of the year and you’ll still have some left over! Most of them are so small that you even have trouble finding them on Google Maps. What’s better is that travelling to this unspoiled natural wonder is actually very affordable. In this article I’d like to tell you the most important things you need to know to experience this amazing place as well!

San Blas is lobster heaven. If you go snorkelling the chances are high that you will see them hiding in their little shelters.If not you can buy one from the Kunas and have it cooked to perfection by a local for $6. Not $60 like you’ll have to pay in a fancy restaurant in Europe. $6 in San Blas.

At Tao Travel 365 we believe in eco-friendly travel preserving the beauties of nature and forming meaningful human relationships with the locals, while adhering to our Tao philosophies that focus on being in balance with yourself and with nature. Every adventure we offer to our customers has been handpicked and personally experienced by Michael and Paola, who value high quality experiences, great prices and excellent customer service. Extra details on

Buy Travel organizers online

Have to travel to some city and you need to purchase some travel accessories, maybe an organizer or a travel bag? When choosing luggage it is nice to browse online on sites such as Amazon or maybe on the company’s website to check what other people are saying about the product. However, take reviews with a grain of salt. Read them but understand that most reviews are left by people who are extremely upset over the product or individuals who are simply blown away by it.

It is important that a piece of luggage is made sturdily but it is also essential that it is made in a manner that does not make it weigh very much. It is rare that one travels with empty luggage. It is usually stuffed with clothes and other items. A traveler has to worry about weight restrictions at the airport. If he has to contend with meeting weight restrictions and having to drastically limit the amount of things that he brings with him because the luggage starts out heavy enough then that could potentially pose a problem.

As a general rule, go for a carry-on no larger than 45 inches (length plus width plus height) and a checked bag no larger than 62 inches (length plus width plus height), which are the standard for most major airlines in the U.S. Although you may want bring as large a bag as you can on the plane, remember that if you can’t lift your carry-on bag above your head, you will not be able to place it in the overhead bin. Check your airline’s website for information on what size bags you can check or bring onboard, and keep in mind that many airlines have different size requirements for international vs. domestic flights. More details on Buy High quality travel accessories online.

Airlines have gotten very strict about the size of the bag you can carry aboard. And the last thing you want to have to do is turn over your valuables to a baggage handler in order to enter the plane. Before you buy and before you fly, check with your airline to see what’s what carry-on bags are allowable. You may also need a travel bag to walk around with. When spending time in a place where pickpockets gather, you may want to buy a bag with special safety features such as RFID protection. Thieves are wily, and using smart luggage is like having portable insurance.

If your pack doesn’t have two zippers, you can always get Pacsafe (, which wraps a lockable metal mesh around your whole bag and can be tied to a large object. It means that not only is no one breaking into your stuff, no one is walking away with it either. Pacsafe is a good form of protection for your bag, especially if you are going to be somewhere where your bag will be unattended for a long time. One thing to remember about Pacsafe is that this metal mesh also adds a lot of weight to your bag and it can be burdensome to carry around. Most people I know who use Pacsafe are photographers who carry a lot of expensive equipment around.

One of my most frequently asked questions about backpacks is about size. Everyone wants to know what the perfect size is. No one backpack size is better than another. What matters is that your backpack should be proportional to your body – that might mean a backpack that is 40 liters or 60 liters. If your backpack is too big or too small, the weight won’t be balanced properly and will cause back pain or maybe even make you topple over. You don’t want a skyscraper rising up from your back, but you also don’t want a pack that is clearly too small and overflowing with your stuff. High quality travel accessories online shopping on

Must have travel accessories : I use an umbrella when I’m traveling since it helps keep my bag dry. Plus, my winter jacket is somewhat water resistant so it doesn’t really make sense to pack a raincoat as well. However: If you’re heading to a place that is known to be warm, windy, and wet, then definitely bring a raincoat since the wind could turn your umbrella inside out and break it (like when packing for London).

LPG gas safety certificate service areas London

We are proud to be members of multiple professional organisations and conduct our work to meet and exceed industry standards. Our accreditations include: NICEIC, the Gas Safe Register, NCASS, CompEx (explosive environment electrical testing), and NAPIT.

At LPG Certified, we specialise in LPG gas safety certificates for Mobile Catering Trailers , ,Catering Food Van, Street Food Gazebos , Caravans & Residential Park Homes , Boats, Domestic Commercial Buildings. Our LPG Gas Safe engineers are highly experienced and fully qualified to install , commission and certify LPG catering gas appliances & LPG Barbecue , LPG Patio Heaters , LPG Cabinet Heater ,LPG Space Heaters .

Our services include the issuing of commercial and mobile catering certification, such as the landlord gas safety certificate, commercial gas certificate, commercial catering certificate, and LPG gas safety certificate. We can provide certification not only for the gas meter but also to additional appliances, depending on the client’s requirements. This can include a gas-fired boiler, gas hob, fire, or other appliances. Our services are used extensively by landlords within the greater London area to keep gas appliances in excellent working condition.

At One Perfect Solution, our specialisms also extend to electrical inspection, testing and maintenance of domestic and commercial properties. Our services include electrical fault finding, PAT testing, fire alarm testing, electrical condition reports, and more.

Just some of the many customers we serve on a regular basis include landlords, commercial kitchens, mobile catering companies, educational institutions, housing associations, petrol stations, and many more. We provide a dedicated aftercare support service that is available all day, every day. Our expert staff are on hand to deal with faults, testing, arranging installations, or any other maintenance requirements. In addition, we provide a courtesy call alert service, enabling us to schedule maintenance and prolong the life of the equipment.

Truly one of a kind! A gas engineer who takes time to understand the real issue and then get it resolved rather than fixing the issue that is right in front of him. We used him to resolve a commercial issue that we had which required him to understand the context of the problem to find a real and lasting solution rather then fixing the issue in front of him. Sanjeev is straight up, honest and practical. We cannot fault his work.

The Landlord Gas Safety Certificate is a basic requirement for landlords, as set out in the Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1998. All landlords must ensure adequate checks are carried out prior to tenants moving in. The certification is necessary to ensure gas appliances are tested and serviced on a regular basis to ensure complete safety and compliance.

We’ve got a range of cover options, from a standalone product to those that include cover for other areas of your home, to help keep your boiler and gas central heating working as they should be. A warm home and hot water are things you rely on every day, so we’ve added some extra features to the gas policies, we offer to make life a little bit easier if something goes wrong. Our Famous Breakdown Cover provides free Annual Boiler service, Landlord gas safety certificate (CP12) and callout 24/7. Landlords with multiple rented properties in their portfolio enjoy peace of mind while our dedicated team work hard.

NICEIC Approved Electrical Contractor – 3095615 GAS SAFE
Approved Gas Engineers – 527344 NCASS Approved Catering Engineers

One Perfect Solution limited is a prestigious maintenance engineer company serving London and surrounding counties for domestic and commercial landlords since 2010. Our electrical services cater for both commercial and domestic customers. We are fully equipped to undertake the electrical inspection and testingof appliances, wiring, PAT testing, and fault finding. In addition, we can perform testing of emergency lighting, fire alarms and electrical three phase wiring.

Business Wesite :
Business Name : Lpg Certified
Business Address : 316A Ruislip Rd E, Greenford UB6 9BH, UK
Business Phone : +447724450054

Fitness dressed online shopping

Fitness exercises are very popular in 2019. People become aware of the dangers that extra fat or being not fit in general are putting on the human body. Being fit also increases happiness, reduces stress, lowers the cost of the health bill. Honestly, the only reason for not doing fitness exercises is laziness , there is no excuse, the benefits are huge. You must also feel comfortable when doing fitness exercises and here it comes the need for good fitness clothes.

Sure, that pair of leggings with the cute cutouts looks amazing, but how will it feel during your workout? Start by looking at what it’s made of. Some fabrics are made to handle intense sweat sessions by wicking moisture away from your body, while others simply hold it in, making you feel sweaty and gross. Cheap workout clothes might feel good on your wallet, but not so much on your body. Choose the right fabric for outdoor workouts. The right fabric is especially crucial for outdoor workouts when you’re battling the weather. During the winter, layers are your best friend. Opt for a moisture-wicking polypropylene base layer to wick away sweat. Next, add a layer made of fleece for extra warmth if needed.

For men and women alike, you should always consider how the workout clothes feel when you’re wearing them. If they’re not comfortable – whether they’re too tight, too baggy, too itchy, etc.– you’ll be less likely to wear them, and getting motivated to work out is hard enough without adding that worry to the list. Loose, tight, or just right? As convenient as online shopping is, trying on workout clothes before you buy them can save you a lot of trouble down the road. Do you have full range of motion in those skin tight leggings? Are your shorts going to slide up or gape and lead to a wardrobe malfunction? If you must wear loose clothing, consider also wearing something that’s tighter and moisture-wicking underneath, like a polypropylene top or shorts.

The type of top you should choose to wear for workout depends on the workout regimen you have in mind for that day and the weather as well. Usually, you should go with a sleeveless top because it is more comfortable. Sleeveless tops don’t trap sweat against your body and they are cooler in the hot months, you can still wear a sleeveless top in the winter since most gyms are heated. Just wear a light jacket over your top until you start to warm up, and then shed it. If you absolutely want a sleeve, don’t go for anything heavy or super long. Keep the material light and the sleeve generally short to keep from hindering movement.

Nebbia is a good fitness clothing brand. A few words about Nebbia history : Who stood at the beginning of our story? Stanka and Martin, the founders of NEBBIA, and their incredible passion and obsession for fitness and bodybuilding. It was not only thanks to their passion, but also as a result of all the sweat, pain, self-denial, and constant motivation, the journey of the company NEBBIA began in 1997. Remind yourself of it every time you wear clothes from us. Remind yourself that no dream can be reached without pain and self-denial. Remind yourseld of the joy of achievement that comes with reaching your goal. Remind yourself of it every time you look in the mirror. Bear in mind our motto: “YES YOU CAN!”.

For our czech visitors: Jiste, ze par leginy s roztomily vyrezy vypada uzasne, ale jak to bude citit behem treninku? Zacnete tim, ze se podivate na to, z ceho je vyroben. Nektere tkaniny jsou vyrobeny tak, aby zvladly intenzivni potni sezeni tim, ze odvadeji vlhkost z vaseho tela, zatimco jini ji jednoduse drzi, takze se citite zpoceny a hruby. Levne cviceni obleceni muze citit dobre na penezenku, ale ne tolik na vasem tele. Vyberte si spravnou tkaninu pro venkovni cviceni. Spravna tkanina je zvlaste dulezita pro venkovni cviceni, kdyz bojujete s pocasim. Behem zimy jsou vrstvy vasim nejlepsim pritelem. Rozhodnete se pro navlhcenou polypropylenovou zakladni vrstvu pro odvadeni potu. V pripade potreby pridejte vrstvu z fleece pro extra teplo. Koupit Nebbia leginy online na GymClothes.CZ

Email Marketing trends : AMP for Email applications in the travel industry

AMP for Email applications in travel business. What is AMP for Email ? Today, we’re bringing the power of AMP to email through the Gmail Developer Preview of “AMP for Email.” This new spec will be a powerful way for developers to create more engaging, interactive, and actionable email experiences.

Interest in interactive email is high. At the beginning of 2018, marketers told Litmus that interactive email is the top email design trend of 2018, with more marketers expected to embrace interactive email techniques. AMP for Email, in theory, has the potential to bring email marketers a big step closer to their interactive email goals.

While AMP for email brings revolutionary potential to a powerful medium, not everyone’s convinced it’ll be for the better. In a blog post for Litmus, Jain Mistry outlines a few problems the technology may face: It may confuse users: The problem with completely changing the way we use email is that it could potentially be too much too soon.

What are the benefits in Email Marketing for the Travel Industry? Offering hotels, flights and holiday packages through an email newsletter channel has been a challenge in the travel business as customer satisfaction can be very cumbersome. By the time a newsletter subscriber opens the email, it is likely that hotel prices have changed or flights are already sold out. The travel seeker has to leave the email realm and is forced to visit the travel agencies’ website to check prices and availability again. In such cases, the traveler is also tempted to involve another travel provider in the search. With the launch of Google AMP for Email, however, that information and usability gap can now be closed, eventually leading to a higher ROI for the whole travel industry in email marketing. More effective A/B testing: Running email campaigns in variable segments required a large test group and a delay for the other groups. With dynamic emails, however, these tests can performed with all first opener recipients until a threshold is reached. Eventually lowering complexity and time consumption for A/B testing to a minimum. Moreover, A/B testing will have an immediate impact on all future opens of every email. is a markup vocabulary for structured data founded by Google, Microsoft, Yahoo and Yandex. It is actively maintained by an open community process. In search engine optimization (SEO), is commonly used as additional semantic markup inside web pages to help making a website’s search result snippets stand out and eventually perform better. It is also used in other popular forms of structured data in digital marketing, for instance in Facebook’s Open Graph and in Twitter Cards. In Email Marketing, however, is still a ‘secret weapon’ that helps you to stand out from regular emails sent by your competitors.

With Google Apps Script, Google for example provides a free service for interacting with user data, other internal as well as external systems. You can use Apps Script to test your markup by sending yourself an email including schemas.

In order to see your implementation in effect on Gmail, you must go through a registration and verification process with Google before you can use email markup in Gmail. You must meet Google’s email sender quality guidelines. Apart from DKIM or SPF verification (which should be no problem for you as a legite sender for your email domain), you must also make sure to send out at least a hundred emails per day to Gmail users from your sending platform constantly for a few weeks before applying. This way, Google makes sure to see that you are trustworthy, requiring you to not have any or only a very low rate of spam complaints from Gmail recipients. Read more on email marketing trends on Actionable Emails using

But marketers’ excitement isn’t the only factor that will influence the adoption of AMP for Email. In fact, there are some major hurdles that might hinder marketers from even getting started with creating AMP-powered emails. Creating interactive emails using AMP for Email isn’t as simple as creating an HTML email. AMP for Email requires a third, separate MIME-type: text-x-amphtml.

However, it’s not clear how marketers will be able to track and report on AMP-powered emails. In interactive emails, much more of the engagement is happening within the inbox—whether it’s hovering over items in a carousel or clicking through a selection of deals—and none of these actions can be measured with traditional email marketing metrics. If marketers are keen to implement AMP-powered emails, it’s clear that they would need to rethink how email performance is captured and measured.

But not everyone is convinced we need this. TechCrunch says it’s a terrible idea “borne out of competitive pressure and existing leverage rather than user needs.” Ouch. To help you make your own mind up, this article will cover some of the key information you need to know about working with the new AMP for Email spec, its potential for modernizing email, and possible use cases for designers, marketers and content creators.

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