Day: October 4, 2019

Corporate outing in Mumbai

Let’s discuss indoor and outdoor Mumbai corporate outing choices. Big Picture: We know how important it is to take a step back and look at the overall picture. How does this sound transposed into a huge picture made of several smaller sheets that convey the image of the company shaped by its vision and values? It definitely leaves you speechless.

Sports Day: We integrate classic team activities with some new and rarely practiced! The participants will motivate each other to perform, they will jointly establish approach strategies and will discover the passion to compete with the team members. Family Day: Whether we are talking about a cooking contest, stick games or fun challenges, we all gather, from the smallest to the largest, for a fun day with colleagues, but also with family! The perfect setting for making new friends! See more details on Corporate travel agent Mumbai.

Some companies will hold periodic events, like an annual company conference or a “summer party” event. Others will be more sporadic or only when the company has something important to share or showcase. There are many different types of corporate events, many of which we’ll discuss in this post. From company conferences and awards gala evenings, to team building events and charity fun days.

Team outdoor events provide a top opportunity for the team to bond. A fantastic place for adventure, relaxation and team building exercises. They provide Paragliding packages complete with certified instructors and modern equipment. You can enjoy your stay at the Native Place guest house, meet interesting people, learn and participate in exciting adventure sports like Flying Fox, Rock Climbing, Abseiling, Rappelling, Jummarring, Valley Crossing, Ropes course, Outdoor survival and other team games. On offer is also delicious home cooked meals and refreshing activities like “Listening to Nature” and “Journey to the Heart of Nature”.

Here is another very good place for team outing activities. Have we saved the best for the last? It is hard to pick the best, but it is definitely one of the most frequented places near Mumbai. One of the most well-known beaches of Konkan, Alibag beach has dark sand and is serenely beautiful. You can enjoy some water sports, trek to the Kolaba fort or the historic Murud-Janjra fort situated some 20 kilometres away. For those who are spiritually inclined, there are a lot of temples to explore in this area. However, if you are just in the mood to relax, pick one out of the many beaches here like Revdanda, Kihim, Mandwa, Varsoli or Akshi and just spend a good time chatting, bonding and playing some beach games. Source:

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