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Dangle Charms online store? What makes Pandora bracelets special, therefore, is that not only are they made of high-quality materials (sterling silver and 14-carat gold), but you can also personalize your bracelet however you would like. This has made these elegant items wildly popular worldwide. In this article we’ll discuss these original and beautiful bracelets in more detail, to help you choose the Pandora bracelet that is right for you.

The brand tried various strategies to reverse this trend; as an initial stopgap, it attempted to bolster sales of other pieces like rings and earrings. Thursday’s relaunch was meant to be a corrective to all of that, CEO Alexander Lacik said. The brand had strayed from its path, he added, just over four months into his post: it had tried to find its way by wandering and expanding, instead of considering core values, and the reasons that it had become so beloved in the first place. Find extra details at Pandora AU.

What size Pandora bracelet should I choose? Pandora also sells other types of bracelets featuring crystals and enamel, that are distinctive for their brightness. Customers are often unsure which size Pandora bracelet they need. This will depend on the collection – for example, for the Reflexions collection you need to measure your wrist and add 1/2 inch. For the Moments collection, you should add a full inch. On the other hand, for the Essence collection, you should choose a bracelet which is 1/2 inch larger than your wrist. Of course, the material the bracelet is made from is also important. Leather and cotton bands will stretch over time, so you should expect them to stretch by around 1/2 inch after one year of wear.

To satisfy the customer’s taste of fashion life is the foundation of our company. We strive to do the best role of new fashionable women and make every new woman become the most unique leading role in life. Fashion is a gesture, a feeling, a way of expression. Pursuit of quality and style, good at self-expression. Pandora’s new-product-themed events are a hot topic for jewelry around the world. Thanks to its rich and unique offerings, Pandora is an irreplaceable brand icon in the accessories world. We offer the most favorable price and quality guarantee to our customers. You can return the goods in 30 days if you have any problem. We promise the simple return policy in 30 days as long as you ensure the integrity of the goods, Please feel free to purchase! Find additional information on

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Herbal incense online shopping by Incense makes use of many botanical products which cannot be liquefied or distilled into a perfume. Tree barks and saps, gums, resins, roots, flowers, fragrant leaves, and needles can be combined in myriad ways to create a rising, mood-enhancing bouquet of fragrant smoke. The botanical ingredients may be purchased, grown, or gathered from the wild.

How to use CBD oil? CBD has a wide range of applications and uses. Here are some of these: We are not in 2014, you will not be ridiculed for having an electronic cigarette. CBD wax or oil concentrates can be used to vaporize CBD oil or wax. In drinks. Some cafes in the states where cannabis is legal or decriminalized have become known for offering espresso and CBD tea. Several western distilleries have made CBD accessible in bars. Rewards for pets (CBD for pets). Some dispensaries now offer rewards for puppies rich in hemp rich in CBD, in order to help the agitated animals.

Cannabidiol is known for its help in improving the state of the central nervous system and therefore can ease the rate of breathing in people with asthma. Regardless of the real reason for the explosion of autism in children in recent decades, one way to improve symptoms and help the child’s body function better is to use CBD-based products, such as cannabis oil. It has not been recognized as an official way to treat cancer, but it has been proven that CBD destroys cancer cells and helps you manage the side effects of chemotherapy. See extra info on Herbal incense.

CBD oil is made by extracting CBD from the cannabis plant, then diluting it with a carrier oil like coconut or hemp seed oil. It’s gaining momentum in the health and wellness world, with some scientific studies confirming it may ease symptoms of ailments like chronic pain and anxiety. Here are seven health benefits of CBD oil that are backed by scientific evidence. Can Relieve Pain. Marijuana has been used to treat pain as far back as 2900 B.C. More recently, scientists have discovered that certain components of marijuana, including CBD, are responsible for its pain-relieving effects.

We use plants in so many ways for health. Most of those that come to mind are internal: teas, syrups, tinctures and capsules. While aromatherapy has become a popular health and wellness buzzword, we tend to think this healing only comes with the high cost of a tiny bottle of essential oil—not so! Long before we had the technology to distill the fragrant plant particles into liquid form, people were still able to seek wellness through aromatherapy. Walking through your flower garden in the morning, just as the first rays of sun warm its colorful petals, will transport and lift your mood. This is perhaps the first aromatherapy experience that captured humanity’s imagination. Find more details on

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Fitness motivation for 2020? Even if you can’t make it to the gym or don’t feel like jogging in the park, 20 minutes of skipping at home can help you stay true to your fitness regimen. This mess-free, convenient workout needed no set-up, yoga mat, or dumb-bells. A humble skipping rope that could be carelessly thrown on the sofa once the session was over was just about what I needed to kick off the laziness and well—the extra weight. That’s not all. Skipping also boosted my mood and helped me cope with the work-from-home stress as well as covid anxiety. One month into regular skipping and I felt stronger and happier. I couldn’t have asked for more.

Members of group fitness programs are less likely to skip workouts that help keep them on track. It is because working out with a group produces a motivation gain and significantly increases time spent exercising. And to top it all, working out with a team format improves performance and doubles the workout time whether be in time or intensity. And with a group setting for at least a few workouts each week will help you push yourself past the limit you tend to hit compared to working out solo.

Pro Tip: If you’re biking to work, try using a bit of antiperspirant on your neck and back. This, accompanied with a towel and lightweight clothing, will keep you looking fresh during your ride. Don’t let sweat keep you from taking advantage of this easy way to fit in physical activity. Warmups and cool downs should become an essential part of your fitness routine if you want to keep your body healthy and injury-free. Particularly when it comes to cardio, warmups and cool downs not only prep and soothe the muscles, but also regulate heart rate and help the body acclimate to your exercise routine. Discover additional information at

Yoga for Beginners: If you’re new to yoga and wondering what all the fuss is about, this extra time at home could be the perfect opportunity to find out. Check out Yoga for Beginners, a yoga app that’s as effective as a studio, without all those intimidating LuLuLemon leggings. Simply Yoga: Simply Yoga provides at-home yogis with a solid variety of workouts to choose from, including 20, 40, and 60-minute routines that span two different practice levels. A certified personal trainer demonstrates each pose, so you can be sure that your Warrior II is completely aligned and your downward dogs are making the mark every time.

As a BarStarzz sponsored athlete and with over 2 million YouTube subscribers, his channel is full of calisthenics workout videos for people of all abilities. Each programme is said to include proven techniques and ‘fresh daily workouts’ that help you to keep at the top of your game. Even if you’re not into weight training, Chris makes it look easy and provides something that anyone can try. Kayla Itsines is an Australian personal trainer, author and entrepreneur. Having trained professionally for several years, she claims to have helped millions of women on their health and fitness journeys. Discover more information at

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More consumers, including these with medical marijuana suggestions, are choosing cannabis merchandise dominant in CBD, which supplies advantages for users with out getting them high. In the selected states where it’s allowed, hashish delivery companies are shortly rising in popularity. Delivery providers make it simpler for medical marijuana patients to get their medicine and helps the leisure retailers compete with the unlawful market.


Some specialists say that the hashish industry has the potential to grow to as much as a hundred thirty million dollars per year in the near future. This isn’t prone to happen during 2020, but this determine reveals simply how rapidly the industry is growing. At the center of this budding trade shall be growth in the U.S. market.

In California, consumers purchased over $108 million worth of hashish- and CBD-infused edibles and drinks in 2017, accounting for 10 p.c of total marijuana sales in the state. We see worth in the stable management staff as well as the large amounts of money at hand $55M with a market cap approx $1B. Not only will there be new hashish products obtainable, nevertheless it’s likely that breeders will create new strains. Furthermore, hashish-infused beverages are more likely to become extra broadly out there and popular, and some of these drinks might be made by companies that at present play a significant role in the alcohol business. For example, Molson-Coors is considering making a cannabis-infused beverage, and Coca-Cola may create a carbonated drink that accommodates CBD.

Market progress of the hashish industry has grown exponentially because the legalization [or partial decriminalization] of medical marijuana / cannabis sativa expands internationally. The international influence of this newly sanctioned drug commerce is unprecedented. While edibles have been well-liked all along, there’s likely to turn into an elevated variety of these merchandise available on the market.

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Automation is all over the place and if you thought it wasn’t going to seek out its way into the hashish trade, you must be excessive on one thing. Pre-roll manufacturing is likely one of the most labor-intensive cannabis products as a result of the current tools is so new and tremendous handbook. Compared to extraction and edible gear, which has largely been adapted from other industries, the pre-rolled cone-filling machine was invented solely for hashish, thus it’s very new and not that advanced. There are a couple of firms that just launched fully automated pre-roll manufacturing machines, which can produce as much as 2,000 pre-rolls per hour with only 1 employee. The growth is not solely in medicinal use of marijuana products, however stems partly from an entirely new hashish user market worldwide.

Where Will Cannabis Market Growth Be Greatest?

However, there are certain corporations that are more likely to do especially nicely, such as Canopy Growth, Cronos Group, Origin House, Marimed, and Auxly. Even though Wall Street sales and revenue estimates remain fluid given the lack of precedence to a legal marijuana business, the next six U.S.-primarily based, and U.S.-focused, hashish stocks look to be on track for important income in 2020. If you think the cannabis business has grown like a weed of late, just give it a while to find its footing and mature a bit.

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As must be no shock, the U.S. projects because the leading marijuana market on the earth by gross sales in 2024. In reality, the $30.1 billion in licensed-retailer income ought to comprise almost three-quarters of world licensed sales. According to Arcview and BDS, $9 billion of these sales are anticipated to come from the medical aspect of the equation, up from $4 billion in 2018, with the remaining $21.1 billion derived from leisure marijuana, up from $5.9 billion final year.

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The idea of the summit was — as I’m studying about cannabis I wished to take folks along with me. So I stated, I’m going to interview all of these consultants and record their interviews and make them out there for the world.

Consequently, the legalization of marijuana for medical and/or leisure functions and the growing acceptance of medical marijuana offered operators and buyers with unprecedented alternatives. There has been no shortage of demand over recent years, and the cannabis trade has turn out to be one of many fastest-rising within the United States. As extra nations legalize the usage of marijuana products for leisure and/or medicinal functions, the market demand for pharmaceutical-grade cannabis might increase exponentially.

Some states are on the verge of decriminalization of marijuana or enacting a complete medical marijuana bill, and these payments could act as stepping stones to full legalization. For instance, Virginia has recently decriminalized marijuana, and Texas and Pennsylvania might follow swimsuit at some point sooner or later. Innovative Industrial Properties is a hashish-targeted real dankstop maria ring sherlock pipe estate funding trust (REIT). Further, IIP, as the corporate can also be identified, passes along an annual 3.25% rental increase to its lessees, guaranteeing itself some modest degree of natural development every year. At least six nations will legalize medical marijuana, and no less than one will legalize leisure marijuana.

From being a banned substance to changing into a billion-greenback trade, hashish has positive gone a long way. The legalization of marijuana for recreational and medical purposes paved the way in which for its growth out there. To present the details and figures associated to this, we have rounded up a series of fascinating hashish trade statistics.

This is the rationale many consultants are estimating we are going to see far larger progress within the hashish cultivation, processing and exportation sector. The next regions anticipated to see significant rises in GNP and GDP related to medical cannabis cultivation and exportation embrace Europe, Australia, Macedonia and South Africa.

One of the fastest adjustments that we’ve seen take place amongst marijuana stocks, comes from the public perception of hashish overall. 21% is the anticipated annual progress rate of the cannabis market from 2019 to 2021. Therefore, in three years, the marijuana business shall be making an annual income of $23 billion. $80 billion – the expected growth of the hashish industry within the US.

So we now have to get by way of all of that earlier than we are able to even begin to consider being within the enterprise. Meanwhile, white men are already locked and loaded and have a majority controlling interest within the hashish trade. We need to get this data to everyone in our communities so we are able to snap out of it and “get shifting” as certainly one of our speakers, Leo Bridgewater, says.

Looking at new reviews and knowledge, it’s turning into more apparent that the federal authorities wants to determine new insurance policies for cannabis, and that the case for change is turning into more compelling. Southern California-based mostly Medical Marijuana was the first firm to import CBD-rich oils into Mexico in 2016, giving it a head start on constructing important relationships with the country’s medical group. You’ll notice that even with leisure legalization likely on the horizon, medical spending should proceed to grow in Mexico. That offers Medical Marijuana and its RSHO-X hemp oil a real shot to continue penetrating the Mexico’s medical hashish market.

What is the expected figure when it comes to the future sales of marijuana? We’ve compiled a series of statistics gained from numerous hashish industry research reviews to answer these and extra. Visit our marijuana information page regularly for the newest updates concerning the marijuana business, medical and leisure legalization efforts, cannabis analysis findings, and more. At the state level, nonetheless, a rising social acceptance of marijuana and the higher recognition of its medical purposes has made an influence on cannabis coverage over the past 20 years. Despite federal prohibition, a majority of U.S. states have made their own legal guidelines permitting the authorized possession and use of marijuana.

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In the United States, 33 states have legalized marijuana in some capacity, generating new economic and employment opportunities all through the authorized marijuana trade. With more states anticipated to advance hashish legalization measures within the coming years, and federal lawmakers contemplating reform legislation, extra Americans will quickly be able to access legal cannabis. Exploring the medicinal advantages of medical marijuana [pharmaceutical grade cannabis merchandise] might be one of the most sought-after funding proposals to Ethics committees.

The Cannabis Industry Growth Predictions for are primarily based on export predictions and market analysis reports by experts in hashish exportation and shopper/patient demand for quality medicinal marijuana, as well as recent market progress statistics. We can’t emphasize just how much the business will grow within the subsequent few years. Estimates recommend that legal weed sales are expected to grow over 27 percent per yr by way of 2022, resulting in over $22 billion in sales. That’s roughly quadruple the gross sales from 2017, while medical marijuana gross sales are anticipated to double by 2022. Due to a rising hashish market, shares on this trade are more likely to develop significantly, however the investments will nonetheless carry a big amount of threat.

I needed to succeed in on a regular basis people for cannabis — I didn’t wish to preach to the choir. That’s the place it received tough — despite the fact that medical marijuana is legal in 33 states and states as Colorado, and California, have absolutely legalized adult use, marijuana continues to be thought-about a schedule 1 drug on the federal degree.

The Medical and Recreational Marijuana Stores trade, which includes stores that retail medical marijuana (by prescription only) and leisure marijuana, expanded dramatically over the five years to 2019. The 2016 election cycle, specifically, supplied landslide victories for each medical and leisure hashish retailers.

Furthermore, CBD edibles are more likely to be offered by companies that are not ordinarily involved in the hashish trade as a result of federal legalization of the compound. Despite the growing recognition of edibles and different cannabis products, it’s probably that marijuana flower will remain the most well-liked type of it within the near future.

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Some firms, like Johnson and Johnson, have already carried out their own analysis into medical marijuana and even signed deals with cannabis firms to develop new medical marijuana merchandise. Estimates recommend that job development will broaden by about 21 p.c by 2022, which is big in comparison with practically any other present business. Right now, the cannabis trade employs about one hundred twenty five,000 to 160,000 employees. Due to the fact that hashish is now authorized in 10 states, there’s prone to be more sales than ever! In truth, greater than four hundred million dollars price of hashish was bought on July 4th of this 12 months!

Other enterprise sectors shy away from the hashish business, both because of its standing in the eyes of the federal government, or as a result of it’s perceived as a dangerous enterprise. We can count on this development to proceed, however necessary to the U.S. trade is also banking reform.

Marijuana trade specialists estimate that the nation’s medical and recreational marijuana market is presently valued at $eight.three billion, and project that it’s going to surge to $25 billion by 2025. In 4 years time, the U.S. hashish industry is anticipated to deliver as many as 340,000 full-time jobs, and make a nearly $80 billion financial impression. Research in the medical cannabis trade has revealed important market progress fee statistics and excessive consumer demand. Investing briefs and Cannabis Market Reports indicate authorized cannabis sales skilled over forty% growth rates in recent years, primarily fueled by excessive client demand for Cannabis in US markets. Research into Global Cannabis Market Growth and Related Job Growth Statistics.

We need participants to come back away empowered, informed, and ready to take action. They should understand CBD and medical marijuana are selections for his or her chronic sicknesses aside from pharmaceutical drugs like opiates that are addictive and deadly. They will know the status of their state’s legalization efforts as well as how issues are shifting on the federal stage and how they’ll take motion of their town. If they’ve been immediately impacted with a marijuana arrest or conviction, they’ll know what’s being done to revive and expunge these records and what forms of “restitution” opportunities are being made available to them. And they’ll know about the alternatives for them to participate in the cannabis business and the necessary issues to maneuver on this dynamic trade.

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Ed Keating is a co-founder and Chief Data Officer of Cannabiz Media and oversees our knowledge analysis and government relations efforts. He has spent his entire career working with and advising info companies in the compliance space. Ed has overseen advanced multijurisdictional product lines within the securities, corporate, UCC, safety, environmental and human useful resource markets and focuses on workflow products during the last twenty 5 years.

Getting forward on tendencies inside the hashish industry isn’t simple, especially contemplating the statewide legalization efforts and the general enlargement in recreational and medical use markets. We do know that the long run is brilliant as spending on legal hashish is predicted to reach no less than $fifty seven billion by 2027. The hashish industry is a rising star with continued progress on the horizon. Here are some predictions for the hashish business in the coming years. This growing support for hashish legalization together with the forecasted progress of the cannabis industry is going to make it difficult for our federal leaders to ignore for extra longer.

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Big banks are presently afraid of cash laundering expenses they might face if they work with these businesses. Besides the problem getting capital, this means super risks and inconvenience for companies working in money. The American Bankers’ Association has been pushing for more authorized clarity and bridging of the gap between federal and state legislation, and we could see banks heat up to hashish if bills just like the SAFE Banking Act are handed. It’s the world’s most commonly cultivated, trafficked, and used illicit drug, and as the push for legalization at home and overseas grows, marijuana is garnering significant attention from buyers, producers, and researchers. Despite the plant being unlawful under federal regulation as a Schedule I drug, the U.S. authorized marijuana trade was estimated at $thirteen.6 billion in 2019 with 340,000 jobs dedicated to the handling of plants, based on New Frontier Data.

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Arcview and BDS are projecting that $four.eight billion in gross sales will come from the leisure market by then, with the remainder made up of medical hashish sales. It’s not uncommon for the medical business to get cannibalized when grownup-use marijuana is legalized, because it means sufferers no longer have to attend for a health care provider’s approval and prescription to buy weed. The whole cannabis market in Canada, together with medical and recreational hashish merchandise, is expected to generate as much as $7.17 billion in complete gross sales in 2019. Legal gross sales are expected to contribute more than half of this total – up to $4.34 billion. Over the last 10 months, hashish shares have been on a downtrend with double-digit proportion declines.

Beginning with California in 1996, 33 states and Washington, D.C. In 2012, Colorado and Washington state became the primary nucleus ladder accented hammer bubbler states to vote to legalize leisure marijuana, and since then nine more states plus Washington, D.C.

After worldwide authorized marijuana gross sales tripled between 2014 and 2018, authorized pot revenue could soar to between $50 billion and $200 billion over the subsequent decade. Oklahoma, Missouri, and Utah approved medical marijuana in 2018, and Chris sees legalization spreading to America’s heartland. Missouri’s medical marijuana market is forecasted to succeed in $a hundred seventy five-$276 million, and Utah’s market is predicted to hit $15-$25 million. Chris additionally mentioned a rising trend in the heartland with legislatures attempting to get forward of voters. According to Arcview and BDS, Mexico could have legalized grownup-use cannabis by 2024, though the ramp-up of authorized gross sales could possibly be gradual.

Researchers shall be eager to enhance their careers in addition to drive phenomenal changes in well being care, and patented medical formulations will be in high demand. Considering the rising legalization and decriminalization of marijuana at the state stage, Congress will have to take a severe have a look at nationwide legalization. The latest numbers recommend that legalizing marijuana federally may bring in over $132 billion in tax income and a couple of million new jobs. Studies suggest that legalization would lead to gross sales that may surpass that of cigarette and tobacco companies. From breweries to vegetable growers, manufacturers have been eyeing cannabis as a new venture and a new product to add or incorporate into present products.

Ed graduated from Hamilton College and obtained his MBA from the Kellogg School at Northwestern University. Despite being the first industrialized country on the planet to legalize recreational weed, Canada appears to take a distant second to the United States by 2024 when it comes to gross sales.

Yet, what you may find intriguing about this rapid development is that it will wind up being attributed to just a choose few international locations. Even although more than three dozen nations around the world have legalized medical marijuana, five countries are forecast by Arcview and BDS to account for $38.2 billion of this aforementioned $40.6 billion in licensed-store sales by 2024. Note, licensed-store sales doesn’t embrace general retailers selling cannabidiol (CBD) merchandise, or cannabinoid-based mostly drug developers selling pot-derived prescribed drugs.

Since its legalization, the marijuana trade has been on the rise both for leisure and medical functions. It has an above-common surge price in comparison with different industries as extra states and international locations accept the product in their markets. These cannabis business development statistics will illustrate not only how it has boomed throughout the years, but it’ll additionally present how big of a potential the sector has.

Health Canada has been tasked with reviewing and approving cultivation and sales licenses for the authorized trade. The regulatory company got here into 2019 with more than 800 functions to evaluate. And we’re suffering a type of PTSD that makes it troublesome for us to jump head-on into the cannabis industry — many of us see hashish by way of a really darkish lens as a result of destruction in our communities by the warfare on medicine.

Cannabis is a $10 billion greenback industry, showing no signs of slowing down. In truth, it’s estimated that the authorized marijuana market is anticipated to be price $146.4 billion by 2025.

The global demand for cannabis (medical and leisure) is predicted to grow consistently at a growth price of no less than ~17% to ~23% per annum. These are solely estimates, as pharmaceutical hashish manufacturing is an entirely new market in almost every country embracing the profitable industry. Medical cannabis progress charges may also be influenced by heavily regulated production processes, that are topic to modifications and doubtlessly long processing occasions for cannabis farming applications.

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While estimates differ widely, the consensus on Wall Street, and amongst various unbiased reviews, is that the U.S. will be answerable for a lion’s share of worldwide cannabis revenue. That may make U.S. pot stocks a particularly attractive place for investors to park their money in the years to come back. Although it will not be on track to tip the scales at $1 billion in sales by 2024, the U.K. is poised to be one of the fastest growing international locations in the world primarily based on cannabis spending. After only $9.9 million in medical spending last yr, Britain is forecast for nearly $547 million in medical marijuana revenue by 2024, representing a compound annual progress fee of 95.2%.

During that time he has worked for each startup and established data companies where he has led advertising, product management and sales organizations. These corporations embody Wolters Kluwer/Commerce Clearing House, CT Corporation, EDGAR Online and Business & Legal Reports. At Cannabiz Media Ed enjoys the challenge of working with regulators throughout the globe as he and his team collect corporate, monetary, and license information to track the individuals, merchandise and businesses within the cannabis financial system.


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By 2024, leisure weed gross sales are solely anticipated complete $582 million, with an additional $441 million in medical spending, for a combined $1.02 billion. Mexico’s considerably bigger population than Canada makes for a beautiful market alternative, however it’s unclear how nicely legal industries will fare with the famous presence of illicit producers.

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Waiting for the ‘unicorn’. Unicorns do not exist in real estate, and finding the perfect property is like finding a needle in a haystack. Looking for perfection can narrow your choices too much, and you might pass over solid contenders in the hopes that something better will come along. But this type of thinking can sabotage your search, says James D’Astice, a real estate agent with Compass in Chicago. How this affects you: Looking for perfection might limit your real estate search or lead to you overpaying for a home. It can also take longer to find a home. What to do instead: Keep an open mind about what’s on the market and be willing to put in some sweat equity, DiBugnara says. Some loan programs let you roll the cost of repairs into your mortgage, too, he adds.

This is often the most thrilling part of the process. But, if you’re not careful, it can get out of hand. The best way to proceed is limit the number of homes you look at in a single day. Visiting too many homes back to back will make it difficult to remember one house from another. It’s a good idea to create a checklist of homes to look at, and check them off as you visit them. Not only is this helpful in reminding you of which homes you visited, it allows you to eliminate homes from your search more quickly. Remember, communication is crucial. Explain to your agent why you like or don’t like a particular house. The more you communicate with your agent about your preferences, the better he/she will be able to find exactly what you’re looking for.

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Meet Jack Brown @ Invest Islands and some of his achievements: A born entrepreneur, Jack founded his first company at 19. His self-starter attitude paired with invaluable experience as a sales and marketing professional for brands like OCS Cannon Hygiene and Marriott made him the perfect business partner for Kevin Deisser at Invest Islands. Impressed by the substantial returns Kevin was seeing with Invest Islands, he foresaw the potential of the business and what he could bring, and that is how Kevin Deisser and Jack Brown’s Invest Islands project came to life.

Discover Some of the Personal Benefits of Investing in Indonesia: The islands of Indonesia account for some of the most stunning and breathtaking beautiful places on earth, featuring unique flora and fauna and undeveloped abundant landscapes. Owning or investing in land and real estate in this environment offers one an exclusive opportunity to take advantage of the rapid growth and development currently taking place in the country. Here at Invest Islands, we work hand-in-hand with a wide range of developers as end users of the land. Our trusted expertise in the industry makes construction simple and hassle-free.

Invest Islands about investment opportunities in Indonesia : Rating agency Moody’s Investor Service (Moody’s) increased the Republic of Indonesia National Credit Rating (SCR) from Baa3 / Positive Outlook to Stable Baa2 / Outlook on April 13, 2018.. As the country’s vulnerability to external shocks declines; macroeconomic stability and fiscal discipline, coupled with ongoing reforms, suggest that policy effectiveness is improving. Standard & Poor’s credit rating for Indonesia stands at BB+ with a positive outlook. Fitch’s credit rating for Indonesia was last reported at BBB- with a positive outlook.

Indonesia is the fourth most populated country in the world and the largest economy in Southeast Asia with a 2014 nominal GDP of $888.6 billion. With strong economic growth and a young population, many economists have argued that it should be added to the so-called BRIC economies as an up-and-coming emerging market. Those looking to invest in Indonesia should start with the Jakarta Composite Index (JCI). While the rest of the world was in a recession between 2009 and 2012, the country’s primary equity index jumped from a low of around 1140 to a high of around 4100. And it was one of the only emerging markets in the world to come out of 2011 with any real economic growth.

“Operating across the Asia Pacific region, Invest Islands is a land brokerage company based in Lombok Indonesia, with strategic offices in Hong Kong under Asian Island Group. I currently oversee all of the aspects of the Asian Island Group. I also travel to the development sites and visit the Invest Islands Foundation Charity projects. Additionally, I frequently travel to the plantation field at the foot of Mount Rinjani that supplies fresh fruits and vegetables to the Invest Islands Resort in Torok Bay.”

This intention is a good first step, however weak the implementation and enforcement may be. Nevertheless, the government support for these goals is there. To make funds available for action the government has put in place BUMDes (village financing companies); a blended finance policy and has successfully raised USD 2 billion via a “Green Sukuk” (a shariah government green bond). Much of these funds have been allocated for returns-generating SDG-relevant investments. More such Green bonds are likely to follow, like the Green Corporate bond issued by OCBC-NISP with the IFC. On another front, closing the gender gap, although by no means complete, has resulted in marginally more women being financially included (banking services) than men in Indonesia. Jokowi’s first Cabinet has a record 9 women ministers. Women do occupy positions of power, Megawati Soekarnoputri, Soekarno’s daughter, being the iconic example.

Going about his work with an infectious smile, Jack fills rare moments of downtime exploring his interest in art as well as travelling to Barcelona, where he invested in property in 2016, and back to Scotland to see friends and family. Find extra information at Invest Islands.

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Top minibus airport transfers companies in London, UK? The childhood home of Anne Boleyn is a fascinating and fun-filled visit for children and parents. See where Henry VIII slept, explore a miniature medieval village, get lost in the wooden playground or try to avoid the jets in the water maze. If the suns out, hire a rowing boat and take in the beautiful surroundings from the lake. Jousting displays are also on in the summer. Located next to the iconic Brighton Pier, the Sea Life Centre is an underwater world of fun and adventure. Walk through a glass tunnel underneath sharks, watch huge sea turtles having their dinner or enjoy an ice cream in the cafe surrounded by tanks of exotic marine life. Pay a little extra for a magical glass-bottomed boat ride with the turtles!

Covering some 900 square miles, Lake District National Park is a must-visit destination for travelers to England. With 12 of the country’s largest lakes and more than 2,000 miles of rights of way waiting to be explored, there’s little wonder the region continues to inspire, with its magnificent views and scenery straight out of a painting. Other things to do include visiting the park’s many fells, including Scafell Pike (3,210 feet), the highest mountain in England. Be sure to also spend time exploring some of the lovely little towns and villages dotted throughout the region, such as Grasmere. Better still, hop aboard a tour boat excursion across Lake Windermere and Ullswater, and you’ll be rewarded with some of the best scenery anywhere in the country.

Minibus Airport Transfers If you are travelling with a large group of people, then a minibus is a very good option for a personal transfer. At Airport Transfers, we provide our clients with some of the best minibus airport transfers in the country. Our extensive range of minibuses comes with great sitting facilities and air conditioning, and guarantee a smooth ride for you and your friends and family. Read additional info at Minibus Airport Arrivals.

UK airport transfers also have some of the finest line of cab fleets in Europe. The cabs that are sent for pick up and drop services are impeccably clean, spacious, well maintained, with smooth engines that ensure a comfortable ride for the passenger. Based on your requirements, i.e. whether you are alone or if not, how many individuals are travelling with you, the company will send a car along with any other needs or requests that you might have.

Meet the animals at ZSL London Zoo. The inhabitants include penguins, lions, meerkats, reptiles and gorillas. See the animals in action at daily talks and displays – including giraffe high tea and otter snack time. Take in the stunning architecture of iconic London landmark, Westminster Abbey and find out about the part it played in British history. Explore the setting for ceremonial events, including royal weddings, coronations and funerals.

The Universities of Oxford and Cambridge – the oldest (and, for a long time, the only) universities in England and Wales – have a rivalry going back a long way. These days it’s a friendly one, acknowledging the academic prowess and similarities between the two university cities: both have beautiful buildings, world-famous university alumni, iconic publishing houses, respected libraries, brilliant museums and rivers running through their heart where students, locals and visitors can be found floating around on punts. Visit both and then decide who you want to cheer on during the annual Boat Race between the two universities on the Thames in London. See more info at

Lose weight advices from Matt Hayward

Weight loss journey for 2020? As the official face behind the popular fitness YouTube channel, OFFICIALTHENX, Chris Heria is huge in the world of calisthenics. Having been in the industry for over 10 years, Chris is now the Founder and CEO of the fitness programme ThenX, a workout routine involving calisthenics and weights. He has also founded the Calisthenics Academy, The Miami Trainer and co-founded the Calisthenic Evolution Institute. As a result, he is now a leader in his field and millions of bodybuilding and fitness fans religiously watch his workout videos.

Group groove is the best choice for anyone of any age who wants to have fun and sweat a ton. For those fitness enthusiasts who find the exercise a bit routine and boring, this group groove is for you. You will have a fun way to get a great cardio workout with a smile on your face. You will never stop tapping your foot or wiggling your hips whenever you hear choreographed songs. And your dancing muscles will be stretched out and you will stay and feel young again!

As we practice social distancing, many Americans are wondering how they’re going to commit to a daily workout routine. But fear not. A plethora of resources exist to help get you back on your feet, many of which you can download for free straight onto your phone. Are you a yoga junkie who’s committed to perfecting that headstand you started four weeks ago? Do you rely on the daily endorphin boost of a cycling class whose feigning for your daily cardio fix? We’ve got you covered! We’ve compiled ten of our favorite fitness apps – each with free content for you to explore at home – and divided them into categories so you can easily pinpoint your go-to workouts. Or perhaps you can use this time to get adventurous, and try something completely new! See additional information on Matt Hayward.

A blossoming of nutrition, fitness and mental health. It’s 99% Mental. South Beach diet, Ketogenic diet, Paleo, Intermittent Fasting… Millions of people try them, lose fat and gain muscle for a while but quit before reaching their goals, or fail to make it a lifestyle. There are plenty of excellent nutrition and fitness program to lose weight or gain muscle mass, plus millions of wellness gurus divulging the latest science in fitness and nutrition, but the majority act as if humans are robots…

Dropping to my knees used to make me feel like a failure, so I would refuse to do it. Well, what followed was really bad form, and therefore, a totally ineffective move. Finally taking my virtual workout instructors’ advice and embracing modifications, I started dropping to my knees or performed the move at an incline, so that I could lower all the way to the ground and maintain core engagement, as well as the correct arm position. I actually felt my triceps and abs kicking into gear! Four months into my goal, I can see so much progress in my abilities. I may not be able to drop down and give you 20 (or even 10) perfect push-ups, but now I can slowly conquer five, and I owe it all to perseverance and the tiny tweaks in my routine ahead.

Try walking or biking instead of driving if you’re headed somewhere close—work, the grocery store, or a friend’s house. Whenever you can get your body in motion, take advantage of it! Look up a workout video on YouTube and burn your calories at home. If you don’t have time to go to the gym but you still want an intense workout—check out a HIIT workout or power yoga video. These can burn hundreds of calories in one workout, and all you need is a computer. Strengthen your core at work, on the couch, or even in bed. This may sound farfetched, but it works. The transversus abdominus are the deepest abdominal muscles in your body. They lie underneath every other muscle group in your abdomen, and they are a key factor in achieving a flat tummy. One of the easiest exercises you can do to help tone these muscles is by simply sucking in your stomach as far as you can (think of trying to touch your belly to your spine). This can be done anytime, anywhere, and might make you feel better while you’re binging Netflix. See even more info at Matt Hayward.

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